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8:06 AM

12.7 mi


8:36 mi


116 lb
150 bpm
169 bpm
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Starting temp 30, DP 18, ending temp 36, DP 18, some wind from the south. Ran with Sharon, Jamie, and new guy Chris up to Bethesda on Cap Crescent and back down, adding on to MM 9.5 and back. Breathing better, though still not 100%, and hard to breathe after. Still, much improved.

I love the Adios 2 for running fast, and the Adios 3 is great. But I think the Adios 1 is best as an easy run shoe - too slappy to run fast.

Ran east for most part, but picked it up at mile 7 to something that felt MP-ish. Not horrible, though I'm clearly out of shape. First 8.5 at 9:10, next 4 at 7:18