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5:40 AM

10.8 mi


8:30 mi


114 lb
153 bpm
181 bpm


62 F
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Temp 64, DP 58, but felt much clearer. Pollen was high, but I still had a very good breathing day. Amazing how much smoother the workout goes when I can actually recover between intervals.

Workout was 2 sets of 1600/800 (we were only to do 3 if we felt really good). Ran with group of Lexxie, Jessica R, Ann, Evan, and Sarah - very cohesive group.

The split for the first mile is a bit misleading - I was leading, and I honestly was a bit of a zombie and we came through at 1:40-ish. But then we woke up and some others took the lead. And, not the worst thing to start the workout with an easy quarter.

Lots of traffic by the end of the workout - ran in the third lane for part of both the second 1600 and the second 8.

Two puffs of Dulera plus a puff of albuterol pre-workout (but I'm not sure if I got the albuterol in - forgot to hold my breath). I'll probably try the Dulera again on Friday, and see how that works.