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7:08 AM

17.1 mi


7:57 mi


111 lb
158 bpm
172 bpm


69 F
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Temp 68, DP 63. Pollen 9.9. Fairly windy due to storm coming in, and deceptively warm.

Did the 4-3-2-1 on Hains Point- ran with Mike Miller for the 4 and 3, soloed the 2 and 1 (Mike's just coming back).

Pretty darn happy with this workout - it felt almost easy, which is how I want it to feel. I had to watch the Garmin a lot, to keep from running too fast. I usually push the last mile a bit more, but decided here to just try to hit marathon pace on feel, without looking at watch. Average HR in 160s for all of these, which is what I wanted. Because the tropical storm started moving in during the workout, I had a decent headwind for the second part of the 3 miler, as well as the 2 miler. But the breeze helped cool things down - it was still a bit hot out there.

One Strawberry Kiwi rocktane during workout; jet Blackberry GU before. Breathing was OK, but not great. But still better than it has been.

Wore a white running hat to see how I'd like it - answer is: not much. My head got pretty warm during the workout, so I'll stick with sunglasses for the race.

Splits were:

4 mile in 28:41 (7:11/7:11/7:10/7:09 - average pace 7:10)

3 mile in 21:28 (7:07/7:11/7:10 - average pace 7:09)

2 mile in 14:23 (7:13/7:10 - average pace 7:11)

1 mile in 7:04