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5:50 AM

9.9 mi


8:12 mi


118 lb
161 bpm
184 bpm


67 F
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WL pool


Dew point of 61. Decent track workout in the humidity -- did 4x1200 at 4:42, 4:39, 4;36, 4:39. Felt good for all of them, like I'm close to my old self. Really focused mentally on not caring about the times, but just running off of effort and never straining. The workout was 4-5, but I opted not to do a 5th -- I race this weekend, it was starting to get really hot, and I'm trying not to be compulsive about my workouts :)

stomach felt better -- rice+banana+egg seems to be the way to go (though I miss my oatmeal). Used the inhaler twice before I warmed up, and lungs felt good. Hip flexor felt fine through out. I did note that my feet were sore at the end, but I think that's due to cranking my laces too tight.