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5:45 AM

13.2 mi


7:56 mi


117 lb
162 bpm
210 bpm


71 F
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Iwo Jima


Temp 71, DP 68. Hill repeats up Iwo Jima. Felt good for the first one, then ran the recovery too fast, and by the second one my chest was really tight. Oops. But got it done, and was good mental toughness practice. HR hit over 200 BPM on each repeat....this one hurt.....

Splits show each loop slower, but this was because I was slowing the recoveries down a lot more on each loop to catch my breath -- time UP the hill stayed the same or decreased.

4 puffs of inhaler - two at 5:30 am, and 2 right before workout. But breathing still a struggle.

Left gym at 5:46, which worked perfectly - had time to job over to Georgetown, do drills, and then jog over to hill base.

Followed with injury prevention work at gym, including good mornings (3x10 at 105), single leg deadlifts (2x5 at 35) and kettlebell swings (2x10 at 25)