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8:00 AM

21.3 mi


7:32 mi


117 lb
160 bpm


42 F
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Start at temp 42, dp 38; end at temp 47, DP 32. Went out with group from Fletchers (on Towpath) to Pierce Mill and then out about 3.5 more miles before turning around and coming back via Rock Creek to Capital Crescent.

8:27 for first 3 miles, 8:00 pace for next 4, 7:32 for next 6, 7:00 for last 8.5. Average 7:32 for 21.5 miles

This one was a bit tough at times - I think a lot of it was the headwind I had to work through for last 4.5 miles. I think also doing it as an out and back, rather than going down to Haines Point, added some difficulty since there was more elevation change. I also intentionally kept my water stops very short. And I also ran a bit too fast... Ah well. Got it done, and could have gone another mile or two if I needed to. Gave George my long sleeve and gloves at Pierce Mill, and later regretted it, as I was pretty cold for a lot of the run.

Left calf got tight from time to time after about 13 miles, but never really hurt. Form felt a bit off, though, like my hips were out of alignment.

Took gels at miles 6.5, 13, and half a gel at mile 18 (to perk me up). One puff of DUlera in the morning.

DId light injury prevention work at gym after, but held off on heavy stuff to make sure I didn't put more stress on calf.