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8:00 AM

21.9 mi


7:37 mi


113 lb
160 bpm


49 F
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Temp 49, DP 36. Went up Rock Creek for 11-ish miles, then back down (took towpath out, and Cap Crescent back). Ran with Jessica Chin and John on the way out, and then turned at Wise Road to head back.

Split the run as First 7 at 8:29, next 6 at 7:33; last 9 at 7:02. Overall pace was 7:37.

One puff Foradil in the morning. Took a roctane gel after 7 at Pierce Mill, and then snacked on two more throughout run for sugar boosts. Definitely crashed a bit on last two miles, which were into headwind up Capital Crescent, but held it together and ended up hitting my pace anyway. This was a solid long run at just the right time.