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6:15 AM

11.2 mi


8:47 mi


121 lb
157 bpm


45 F
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Went to track for WRC track workout, but track was locked (which was fine as I really had just gone to support the club and do some 200s -- I wasn't up to a full workout today after Sunday's workout.

Track was locked, so instead Amanda and I did some loops of the Cardozo hill (.12 long up; .38 for the loop around). I kept these at easy pace. Afterwards, I jogged over to Malcolm X Park and did some longer repeats (.27 up; ~1 mile loop around). Big focus was on form (glute engagement and relaxed shoulders) not pace. I did up the effort a bit on each one.

Pretty happy with this. It was a blustery day, which also made the hills a bit harder.