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7:48 AM

21 mi


7:34 mi


106.2 lb
152 bpm
176 bpm


54 F
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Starting temp 53, DP 52; ending temp 64, DP 56. Wind low and variable. Pollen low.

Did 21 miles from Fletchers with Chris Carney. Hains Point was flooded, so we ended up doing loops of Buckeye/Ohio/14th/Independence/Ohio after a first failed attempt to loop Hains Point.

Averaged 8:40 for first 7 miles; 7:18 for next 7; 6:44 for last 7 miles. I held marathon effort for the last 7, but was hoping the pace would be a bit faster. However, I'm guessing I was slowed by a combo of the rising temperatures, dodging pedestrians, and error under the Whitehurst. The effort was right and I didn't feel like this took much out of me, so that was good. HR got a bit high at the end, but I think that was the warming temps.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and maple bacon GUs and Maurten gels - sat well, though I did have some GI bleeding that seemed unrelated.

Took Ginger Ade GU at mile 8; most of a caramel Macchiato GU at mile 13. Carried water but wasn't very good about drinking from it.

Breathing was good - Advair 250/50, Qvar, and one puff of rescue at first bathroom break to be careful.

Wore arm warmers and gloves to start - definitely didn't need them by end.