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7:00 AM

16.1 mi


8:02 mi


115 lb
165 bpm


72 F
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Temp 72, DP 68. And yet, not all that tough. Allergies weren't an issue either (maybe the Quercetin I've started taking?)

Route was Fletchers out the towpath to Rock Creek, and up to Pierce Mill, then back down and out the towpath, tacking on an additional 2 miles at the end.

Took a Rocktane gel at the 7 mile mark, and another 1/3rd of one at the 11.5 mile mark.

8:33 pace for first 7 miles, then 8:06 for next 3.5, then 7:30 for a mile (water break), then 7:18 pace for final 4.5 miles.

Pretty happy with this one, especially given the humidity. Did drills and strides right after.

Followed up with injury prevention work at gym, including 3x8 squats at 100, 115, 125, and 3x10 good mornings at 85.