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5:50 AM

10.1 mi


8:46 mi


109.2 lb
157 bpm
184 bpm


80 F
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Temp 80, DP 75. DId 6 Iwo Jima hill reps, working with a big group that included Chris C., Kate H-W, Aurelia, Sarah W, Dani, Seamus and some others. Ran up the hill with the group, then would get separated at the top when they stopped for water (my water was at the bottom), so would do the recovery with Dani and then the stride by myself. Extra long pauses at the bottom to regroup.

So a lot of extra rest, which I was fine with, since a) I'm just coming back, b) it was pretty humid; c) I want to prioritize the speed of these reps over aerobic development.

Breathing was pretty good - Advair 250/50

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, and vanilla and french toast GUs - sat well.