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5:50 AM

11.5 mi


8:21 mi


115 lb
164 bpm
192 bpm


68 F
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Temp and DP of 68. Between the fact that I'm not fully recovered from the darn 10K/heat exhaustion incident and the conditions, I kept this one very conservative. HR and perceived effort indicate that I hit the right effort level, so I made the right decision -- I would have just fried myself by pushing any harder.

4 mile tempo averaging 6:57 pace (7:01/6:57/6:55/6:43). I'd normally be pretty upset with this, but given how horrible I felt even on Wednesday, this indicates that I'm well on my way to recovery (I didn't think I'd be breaking 7 minute pace for 4 miles).

2 puffs of inhaler+Pepto before. Had some stomach issues in the third mile.

Did a longer cooldown on the Custis just to get some extra leg strength in.

Followed with injury prevention work in the gym, plus squats (3x8 at 95, 110, 120) and good mornings (2x10 at 85)