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6:15 AM

11.1 mi


7:40 mi


115 lb
159 bpm
179 bpm


77 F
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Temp 77, DP 71. Ran to Georgetown and did strides and drills, then around Haines point, including 2 segments of approximately 2 miles each at MP/HMP - actually pretty tough, due to heat/humidity. Had originally planned to do more, but I felt like I was digging myself into a hole, so I stopped.

Took the Dulera, but lungs weren't open at all. I think it's because I didn't prime before using, so I never got any meds. (I didn't want to take a second inhale, because better too low a dose than too high).

At least the calf felt great. I could have done hills this morning (kinda wish I had).

Followed with squats at gym - 3x8 at 115, 135, 155.