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8:00 AM

17.4 mi


7:54 mi


119 lb


23 F
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23 degrees and windy (doubled the handwarmers and wore tights). Kept easy throughout, both because I don't want to get sick again and because it was darn icy. Ran out to Pierce Mill with a big group (got to catch up with Kate K), then back with Tamara and Robin, before heading down to Lincoln, where I ended up running a loop around the reflecting pool due to police activity. Then back up Rock Creek past the Kennedy Center (which was like running in place, due to the wind) and back up the Capital Crescent.

Garmin battery only had 20 minutes of life, so I ended up just timing the final part on the CC trail - 2.13 in 16:15 (7:37 pace) (average HR of 155).

Still felt a bit run down, and happy I kept this to easy pace.

Followed with injury prevention work (4x8 squats at 105, 115, 125, 135) and good mornings (2x10 at 95)