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7:07 AM

21.2 mi


7:46 mi


111 lb
152 bpm
172 bpm


64 F
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Starting temp 64, DP 61, ending temp 71, DP 59.

Did the loop with Brent, splitting as first 7 at 8:52; next 7 at 7:38; last 7 at 6:49. Went surprisingly well, especially given how lousy my stomach feels (it's felt lousy since Friday night -swollen and bloated). Nearly everything felt effortless and controlled.

Took two gels - toasted marchmallow split at mile 6 and 10; and a salted caramel at mile 13. Drank water throughout.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder,chocolate stroopwafel, vanilla GU and huckleberry hammer gel. It sat fairly well, given how lousy my stomach is. I loaded up the day before with Chipotle and Ucan, both of which were surprisingly OK, given my stomach.

Breathing was good - Advair 250/50.

Test drove the Adios 2s for the marathon - they felt great, so I'll wear them.