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8:15 AM

11.1 mi


8:55 mi


106.1 lb
144 bpm
157 bpm


35 F
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Starting temp 35, DP 17; ending temp 39, DP 19. Garmin says wind of 6 MPH from N, but there definitely some very stiff gusts.

From home, I started with a Pershing Loop and then took Pershing to George Mason to Arlington Blvd to Carlin Springs, before picking up 4 Mile Run, which I took to the Custis. Ran to MM 2.5 and back to MM 2, before taking a break for some drills and 6 steep hill sprints. Then I took the Custis west to Glebe before looping home.

Felt pretty good. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Wore my Mankato zip-front, which was perfect for the weather.

No ankle braces - L/R balance at 48.5/51.5