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5:52 AM

10.9 mi


8:30 mi


109.1 lb
148 bpm
185 bpm


64 F
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Temp 64, DP 63. Did a 4 mile tempo in 25:15 - ran with Larry and David for first 2 miles - Larry was doing 5K and David was doing 3200/1600, so we split up after that. David joined me again for the final mile.

Split 6:25/6:20/6:24/6:06. I got going just a bit too hard on the second mile, so pulled back slightly on the third. Picked up during the 4th, and was a bit surprised by the last split.

Good workout overall - a bit harder than I would like - I just felt pretty tired this morning. Still, when I can feel tired and still run the same pace that I held when I felt really good, that's a good sign.

Breathing was a bit tight - I suspected that I didn't get a good puff of my Advair this morning, and the run seems to have supported that.

Four hill sprints near Pollard after.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, berry stroopwafel, and ginger aid and smores Gus.