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8:03 AM

12.1 mi


7:45 mi


108.9 lb
155 bpm
171 bpm


39 F
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Starting temp 39, DP 36; ending temp 48, DP 40. Decent headwind from the north. Ran out and back towards Hains with Jake, Carolyn, and Nico; also Mason, Lindsay, Cate, Jenn, and some others for the first 5. Did this progressive, but not in the standard 3rds format - did the first 2 miles very easy, and then most at a moderate pace before dropping down to a hard aerobic effort at the end.

I'd like to say that the last two miles were at marathon pace effort (6:59/6:54), but the truth is they were harder than that. I'm not too worried about it - since this was a short run and I'm not training for a marathon, there was no real harm in going a bit harder than marathon effort for a bit at the end, as long as I didn't tip over into anaerobic effort.

Breathing was rescue, Advair 250/50, and Qvar. Asthma still flaring some, but much improved.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, and lemon and smores GUs - sat well.