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7:32 AM

16.1 mi


7:52 mi


106.7 lb
156 bpm
183 bpm


68 F
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Starting temp 68, DP 63, ending temp 74, DP 66. Ran from Fletchers to the mall, past the Washington Monument and then down and around Hains Point. I started a bit later to run solo for the mental concentration benefits, which I cared more about than the pace.

I split this as 8:54 for first 5, 7:44 for next 5; 7:08 for last 6. The last 6 were obviously a bit slower than past MP work. I had planned to back this pace down to 6:55, but ended up cutting back even more, to 7:05-7:10 ish. I wasn't feeling great, and wanted to make sure not to dig a hole. I'm not too worried about the pace - I think it's a combo of the heat/humidity, the headwind coming back, and lingering fatigue from last week's rate. I did manage to keep my focus up - that was much more important to me than the specific pace.

My GI tract was really inflamed, and I had some issues early on. I think it may have been from accidentally swallowing my anti-histamine instead of letting it dissolve on my tongue.

Legs definitely still dead.

Took a tutti-frutti Rocktane at mile 9, and drank water throughout. Breathing was rescue inhaler+advair 250/50 in morning; I took another puff of the inhaler at mile 9 because I was getting tight.

Breakfast was rice, hemppowder, chocolate stroopwafel, lemonade roctane, and toasted marshmallow GU. Stomach issues during run, but I don't think it was my breakfast.