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5:50 AM

10.4 mi


8:11 mi


116 lb
168 bpm
185 bpm


55 F
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WL pool


Tempo workout of 2-3 x 2 miles (most of us did 2x2 miles and then a third mile).

Temperatures were perfect, though pollen count was high. I tried to just run off of feel and work with the pack, which ended up not being a great idea, as I ended up running too fast (especially mile 1:2). This caught up with me during mile 2:2, when the breathing got very tight. But I'm very happy with how I worked through the breathing anyway, and it looks like my splits really weren't that off, though I would have preferred to negative split.

Splits were 12:56 (6:31/6:24), 13:03 (6:30/6:33), and 6:33 for the last. I tired to use my inhaler after the second repeat, but it's apparently broken - nothing coming out.

Stuck with breakfast of rice+egg+banana, and it worked like a charm. Took one puff of inhaler before, but couldn't get more than that.

Pretty happy with this for the most part, except for hitting mile 1:2 way too fast. Nice to see that I can be struggling with my breath and still run 6:33. Reminds me that I don't lose as much pace as I think I do.