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5:50 AM

10.1 mi


8:45 mi


108.9 lb
153 bpm
180 bpm


79 F
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Temp and DP of 79. Did a restrained workout of 400, 800, 2x1200, 800, 400 - orders were to tempo the first 400 and keep the rest restrained. Split 1:38, 3:04, 4:35, 4:29, 2:53, 83. Pushed a bit on the last two, kept the others well under wraps. Not a bad workout for the conditions.

Worked with Chris C, Seamus, Dave M, Larry, and also Dan. Good group. We were actually running the same paces as the group ahead of us after the first interval - I think we can bridge up next time.

Breathing OK - Advair 250/50, 2 puffs of Qvar, and a puff of rescue inhaler.

Stomach off from last night - maybe the NBS? Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, and tri-berry and smores GUs.

Did four hill sprints near Golds after the workout.