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5:50 AM

10 mi


7:42 mi


120 lb
166 bpm
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WL pool


5 mile tempo in 34:22 (pace of 6:53), with splits of 6:54, 6:53, 6:52, 6:52, 6:51. Felt really lousy this morning (debated skipping the tempo, but instead decided to just do it as slowly as I needed to). I'm really tickled with how evenly and under control I ran it.

Breathing and stomach were still an issue, despite use of inhaler (one puff) before hand. Supposedly the pollen wasn't bad this morning, but I still felt as lousy as I did at Cherry Blossom. Breathing was a real problem, and it took me forever to catch my breath post tempo.

I'm pretty happy with this, though. I ran it at the proper effort level and with control, and hopefully have broken the habit of racing my tempos. I just have to remember that this high pollen season is very much like altitude training for me.