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7:21 AM

8 mi


8:13 mi


104.9 lb
146 bpm
160 bpm


32 F
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Starting temp 32, DP 25; ending temp 36, DP 26. Wind from SW at 6 MPH, supposedly (felt like more).

[This is the first part of my run, in the Adidas Adios Boost 4]

Parked at Thompson's Boathouse and ran down and around Hains Point and back twice for two 8 mile loops. Ran the first 8 in the Adidas Adios Boost 4, then swapped to the Vaporfly Next for the next 8 to test them at marathon effort.

I'm not crazy about the Nexts, especially when comparing them to the Adios. I just couldn't roll forward on them the way I can in the Adios or 4%; they felt awkward and my right SI joint was achy after the run.

Also tested my gel belt, which felt loose and kept rolling to the side.

Split the run as first 5 averaging 8:44; middle 5 averaging 7:19; last 6 averaging 6:38.

Wore running jacket and thin tights for first 8 miles; swapped to longsleeve for second 8.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, and birthday cake, salted caramel, and gingerade GUs, plus 2 caffeinated sport beans - sat well.

Breathing was good - Advair 250/50, Qvar, and 1 puff of rescue before start.