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5:55 AM

9.9 mi


8:18 mi


108.8 lb
151 bpm
182 bpm


66 F
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Temp 66, DP 64. Air Quality Orange

Sucky tempo. Was going for 8K, but felt awful and was working way too hard, so pulled the plug at 5K to mitigate the damage. Splits were 6:36/6:29/6:25/0:49 Worked with Juan the whole time, trailing Jamie and Chris C.

I'm not too worried about the bad workout - I'm pretty sure it was due to a combo of the air quality and my legs being really tired from searching for my pendant. Sometimes I feel awful and then have a good workout, but today was not one of those days, so better to shut it down.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and lemonade GUs, and berry stroopwafel.

Breathing was 2 puffs of inhaler plus Advair 250/50 and Qvar. Breathing not great during workout.