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7:07 AM

13.9 mi


8:02 mi


115 lb
155 bpm
212 bpm


71 F
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Temp 74 DP 65. - edit later. HRM going funky. Head also spinning a bit - weird. I might have caught a bug from Brian. Felt sluggish at first, then noted during bathroom break that my head was spinning. During the final part of the run, I started to feel like I was working way too hard on the Cap Crescent, so shut it down, hopped up onto the Cap Crescent, and finished the run there.

First 5 at 8:51, next 5 at 7:45, last 4 at 7:21 (but had to take a break while I relocated up to the towpath).

Ran with Jamie and Jamey again. Not sure what happened at the end - I didn't take my asthma drugs today, but it didn't feel like asthma, just like the heat getting to me. I also didn't take my gel until really late, but I don't think it was that either.