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7:08 AM

14 mi


8:47 mi


106.3 lb
156 bpm
183 bpm


73 F
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Starting temp/DP 71; ending 83, DP 76, not much wind. Ran out and back on the towpath for 4 miles with CAR, then ran up the Cap Crescent to Bethesda and back.

Hamstring held up nicely, and legs handled the distance well. This run got very warm the last few miles. I refilled my water bottle in Bethesda, but still overheated and could have really used a refill at the reservoir water fountain (which was off).

Lots of missing or broken mile markers on the Cap Crescent - what happened?

Overall, pretty happy with this one - a good step towards getting back into training.

HR strap was not working, so no GCT metrics and HR readings may be suspect.

Breathing was good after the first mile - advair 250/50 and Qvar.

Breakfast sat well - rice, hemp powder, and smores and salted caramel GUs. Did have a slight bit of cramping about 8 miles in, but that's really not a huge deal - it wasn't crippling. Took half a expresso GU around mile 9.

Wore arm-coolers - don't want to think about how hot I would have felt without them.