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7:00 AM

12.1 mi


7:53 mi


116 lb
159 bpm


50 F
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Temp and DP 50 - very nice weather.

8:33 for first 3.5, 7:43 for next 5.5, 7:03 for next 2, and then jogged a half mile cooldown back and forth on the towpath to get me to 12.

Ran out on towpath with group, then up Rock Creek to construction zone. Turned there, and then ran back down to start of Hains Point, went up to Lincoln and did a loop of reflecting pool, and then back down Rock Creek to Capital Crescent. Getting to Fletchers put me at 11.5, so I jogged a cooldown for the extra .5

Originally planned for 8-10, with possibly the last mile or 2 at a faster pace. However, everything felt good, so decided to add on. Felt good throughout - maybe a slight pulling in right foot from time to time, and sciatica tweaked once or twice, but then settled. Yay.

Did light injury prevention work at gym after step mill. No squats - racks all tied up