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7:10 AM

16.5 mi


7:46 mi


108.7 lb
160 bpm
171 bpm


36 F
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Temp 36, DP 33, wind of 10 MPH from NE.

Parked at Bluemont and did the 2x5 back and forth on the W&OD. Splits were:

Set 1: 35:26 (7:17/7:08/7:07/7:02/6:52);

7:56 uphill float;

Set 2: 34:59 (7:11/7:08/6:58/6:55/6:47).

Each rep started uphill and ended downhill.

Felt a bit dull and unmotivated - mostly due to not sleeping well the night before I think. I suspect my Garmin might have measured a bit short also.

Wore longsleeve and tights - shorts might have been more comfortable.

Wore ankle braces - gait imbalanced for easy run but good for the workout section

breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and chai latte gus - sat well.

Breathing was very good - Breo and Qvar.b