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8:08 AM

20 mi


7:53 mi


108.6 lb
150 bpm
169 bpm


35 F
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Starting temp 34, DP 18, ending temp 46, DP 21. Wind mostly from the west but occasionally from the east.

Ran out and back on W&OD from Columbia Pike with Juan and also Chris C. for first part. Ran this progressive; first 6 averaged 9:18; next 7 averaged 7:42; last 7 averaged 6:50. The moderate section felt very easy; legs were a bit tired at the end of the MP part, but I guess that's to be expected - it was a 20 miler. Could have kept going and had no problem jogging back to my car after the 20, so that was good.

Took one gel at 10 miles - a maple bacon. Carried water, but probably didn't drink as much as I should have.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, s'mores and strawberry banana GU and coconut stroopwafel plus a few watermelon sport beans - sat well. Ate Chipotle and Ucan yesterday to simulate pre-race meal.

Breathing was good - Advair 250/50 and Qvar.

Wore long sleeve and tights - was cold at the beginning and too warm at the end.

Adios 3s felt a little better - but I still wouldn't want to race a marathon in them - way too soft.