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5:50 AM

7.8 mi


7:58 mi


116 lb
164 bpm
190 bpm


73 F
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WL pool


Not great -- I did the first interval too fast, trying to hang with a group, and died on the second as a result - having to step off for a minute.

Splits were 13:17 for first 2 miles (6:44/6:32), then 6:52 for the first mile of the second rep (but fading fast) then a minute break before hopping back in with the faster group to do a final 1200m at 6:20 pace.

I'm not going to get too worried about it. It's not an indication that I'm out of shape, but an indication that I made a stupid mistake. And it was better to shut it down then to dig myself into a huge hole. I also think the bright sunshine and my lack of sleep played a factor.

Dewpoint of 70. Two puffs of inhaler before; shot blok between first and second reps.