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5:50 AM

11.5 mi


8:06 mi


111 lb
153 bpm


65 F
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Temp 65, DP 59 - great weather. Did a 5 mile tempo, ran 33:05, split as 6:47/6:35/6:36/6:37/6:30. Felt much better than two weeks ago - I'm getting fitter and/or iron supplements are kicking in. Worked in large group with Juan, Jessica Chin, Dan, Mike Miller, Ann, and Evan, though only Evan, Jessica, and I went to 5.

George checked my oxygenation afterwards - it was at 92%, which he said indicated that I might have run it too hard. Of course, could also be because I picked it up the last 800. Or because I lose circulation in my hands when I run. Either way, a neat toy.

One puff of Foradil in the morning.