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5:50 AM

11.8 mi


8:15 mi


105.5 lb
147 bpm
177 bpm


47 F
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Temp 47, DP 35. Pollen of 11.2. Track workout was 400/800/2x1200/800/400 - split 87, 2:56, 4:23, 4:21, 2:52, and 78. Worked with Lindsey, Barrett, Jake, David K, Eric, Damien, Sarah W, and some others behind us. Found that I was able to stay with Lindsay/Jake/Barrett without straining, so I did so - it was nice to tuck into a slipstream. Did tie up at the end on the 400, but that was the only blip in a good workout. Didn't do any 200s because I didn't see the point after the fast 400.

Got a solid warm-up in this morning, including 6 strides, and felt much better for it. I think I need to do that from now on.

Breathing was good asthma-wise; throat was a bit tight. Advair 250/50 and Qvar

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, smores and vanilla GUs, and coconut stroopwafel - sat well.