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6:42 AM

12 mi


8:09 mi


108 lb
158 bpm
175 bpm


63 F
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Temp 63, DP 62 - heavy fog and no wind.

Went to Hains Point to do 2x2 miles. Started off slightly too aggressive and started to strain, so I first swapped to 2 miles, 1 mile and then shut it down. Split 6:36/6:40, and then 6:46. 3 minutes recovery between the two.

Shifted to 6x90 seconds at tempo with 30 seconds recovery, and then 10x30 seconds hard with 60 seconds recovery just to get something positive out of the workout.

Breakfast was rice hemp powder, smores and salted caramel GUs - sat well.

Breathing was OK - Advair 250/50, Qvar, and 2 puffs of rescue before workout.

Stryd calibrated at 101.6

Wore ankle braces; left right balance was good.