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7:00 AM

16.1 mi


7:53 mi


113 lb
158 bpm


66 F
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Start at temp/DP 65; end at temp 72, DP 63.

Started at Fletchers and ran out on towpath (softer than it was yesterday) to Pierce Mill - did a mile past it and then back, stopping on the way back for bathroom/water. Then headed back, picking up to ~MP at the Calvert Crossing - running with Katie and Ann for the MP segment.

We were shooting for 7:00-7:10, but ended up running 6:55-ish - I think we just wanted to get back.

Took a gel at mile 8, and then a third of another one about 3 miles from home to practice. Used inhaler at Pierce Mill proactively.

First 3 miles at 8:45; next 8 at 8:07, final 5 at 6:56.

Once again, had really hard time catching breath after run - I can feel good during, but I just can't catch my breath after.