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7:04 AM

16 mi


8:05 mi


113 lb
152 bpm
176 bpm


79 F
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Starting temp 79, DP 69; ending temp 86, DP 68. Ran out from Fletchers on the towpath and then up past Pierce Mill, before retracing steps back. Ran with Chris C, David M, Edie, Marvin, and Tyler for first part, but only David and I were doing 16. We hung together for the first 10, then split for the marathon pace part.

Split as 9:08 for first 5; 7:57 for next 6, 7:16 for last 5. I'm very happy with this, especially given the conditions - I was focused on holding marathon-like effort, not pace, though I did pick it up slightly the last mile.

Did three water stops - at the zoo on the way out, at Pierce Mill on the way back, and then in Georgetown. I normally don't like stopping during the marathon pace part of the run, but my water bottle was dry and it was pretty hot. I kept the Garmin ticking for the stop to ensure I kept the stop short, and treated it like I would if I had to refill my water bottle during a marathon.

Took one Strawberry Kiwi Rocktane during the run - split between miles 8 and 11. Also took a salted caramel GU pre-run.

Breathing good.