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5:45 AM

10.3 mi


8:43 mi


118 lb
157 bpm
183 bpm


52 F
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WL pool


Fantastic weather. Felt sluggish during warm-up, but workout went pretty well. Workout was 2 sets of 1600m, 800m, 400m - half distance jogs between reps, 400m jog between sets 1 and 2.

Splits were 6:09, 2:57, 87, then 6:08, 2:56, 79, I was worried after the first set that I had run it too hard, but apparently not. One bit of humor during the first 400m -- I heard coach yell "Slow down Cris", so I hit the brakes (a bit confused, as I had been hanging with my group just fine). Turns out he meant the other Chris -- ooops. No biggie though, it was probably better that I held back on the 400m.

Used inhaler with 2 puffs at 5:45, and had very little trouble. I do note a bit of cramping on the bottom of my right foot post run (didn't notice during).

No stomach issues. Pollen count was still high, but much lower than before.

Did 3:00 of barefoot running on field post workout.