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8:04 AM

10 mi


7:43 mi


106 lb
155 bpm
168 bpm


41 F
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Starting temp 41, DP 30; ending temp 46, DP 30. Wind of 8 MPH from SW. Ran down to Hains Point and back with Brent, Sally, Kate N, and some new woman whose name I promptly forgot. Split as first 5 easy (8:19), next 5 moderate (7:08).

HR a bit high for these - not sure if that's because I was wearing a jacket that promptly became too hot.

Also just felt a bit stiff and off. Not sure how much of it is the stress of the last few days versus the fact that I can't do all of my normal mobility stuff anymore versus the elliptical/arc-trainer stuff being different enough to tire out my legs.

Breathing was OK - Advair 250/50 plus Qvar. No caffeine for breakfast.

Shoulder seemed to mostly mostly hold up, though my gait is stiff and I still can't look at my watch. Some twinges every once in a while.