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8:00 AM

12.3 mi


7:54 mi


115 lb
169 bpm
189 bpm


73 F
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long run with Ana and Emily up and down on CCT. Hot and humid (dewpoint of 68), though thankfully overcast. I deliberately kept it easy until the end, and we took a lot of water breaks.

Good run. After a very slow start, we held 8:42 pace for the first 4.5 miles up to the water fountain; 7:51 pace for the next 3 miles (then another water stop). Coming downhill, we started to crank -- 7:23 pace for a half mile, then 7:05 for 3 miles, then 6:56 pace for half a mile; 6:40 pace for half a mile; and 6:00 pace for the final 200m or so. Average pace for the 12 mile run was 7:51 (excluding the 10:00 pace jogs at start and finish).