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14.4 mi


7:48 mi


116 lb
159 bpm


43 F
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Temp 43, DP 36, a bit of wind at times.

Ended up soloing this run, since the group was running up to Bethesda, and my hammy isn't ready for 6 miles of steady uphill yet. Ran from Fletchers to Pierce Mill and back, taking Capital Crescent trail and Georgetown waterfront. Ended up running a bit over 14 miles - taking the waterfront down to Thompson's adds some distance.

Hammy held up fairly well - a bit tired at times in Rock Creek, but good on Cap Crescent. Was really happy with the pace I held on the way back up the cap crescent. I just held something that felt marathon pace ish, figuring that it would be fairly slow since I'm out of shape and was running into a headwind. But the pace ended up fine. I'm not as out of shape as I thought.

Split as first 3 miles at 8:17, next 7.5 at 7:57, last 4 at 7:06