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7:10 AM

16.2 mi


7:48 mi


107 lb
155 bpm
172 bpm


69 F
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Temp 69, DP 68.

Ran out past Pierce Mill and back, running with Aurelia, new-girl-whose-name-I-keep-forgetting, Bill B, and Monte. Monte kept me company until 7.5, and then I soloed the rest. A few muddy patches where I had to slow up, but mostly good footing.

Ran off of effort -didn't see splits until later. Really happy with how the pace associated with marathon effort keeps improving each week.

Split as first 4 at 9:06; next 6 at 7:46; last 6 at 6:59.

Took one gel (Vanilla) at 9.5. Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, salted watermelon and french toast GUs, and coconut stroopwafel.

Sub-2s worked well as a long run shoe.

Breathing was OK - peak flow was only 450 last night and today, indicating that my asthma was starting to flare, so took prednisone. Breathing seemed to be improving through run. Also Advair 250/50 and Qvar. Hopefully, I'll only need 1-2 days of pred to get the asthma back under control.