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6:38 AM

16 mi


7:59 mi


107.6 lb
153 bpm
177 bpm


75 F
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Starting temp 77, DP 75; ending temp 84, DP 76. Wind from the south at 6 MPH; pollen of 8.4

Ran from Fletchers out past Peirce Mill and back; ran solo since I started early. Originally planned to go out to Hains Point, but rerouted since I thought I'd have more water and shade in Rock Creek.

Weather was pretty rough so I made a point of focusing on effort rather than pace so I didn't bury myself. Watched my HR pretty carefully.

Took a bathroom stop at Jack's Boathouse on the way out, and then two longer-than-necessary water stops at Peirce Mill and Georgetown on the way back (longer because I had to search for working water and wait in a line). I wasn't thrilled about stopping for water halfway through the MP section, but I was pretty thirsty with 3 miles still to go, and I didn't see the point in running myself into the ground.

First 5 averaged 9:02, next 5 averaged 7:54; last 6 averaged 7:12 - so all about 25-30 seconds slower than my norm.

Took half a lemonade GU and a Cola GU during the run; emptied my handheld water bottle twice. Wore my arm-coolers.

Breakfast was rice, hemp powder, lemonade and smores GUs, and a tropical shot blok - sat well, though I needed to take a bathroom break in Georgetown.

Breathing was pretty good for the conditions - Advair 250/50 and Qvar.