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5:55 AM

11.1 mi


8:20 mi


114 lb
160 bpm
187 bpm


63 F
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WL pool


Temp of 63, DP 53. Gorgeous.

Felt very sluggish and drowsy at first, but worked out of it. Breathing was slightly tight on first rep, but then relaxed (I don't think I got a good blast of my inhaler this am). It felt like allergies might be kicking in (eyes watering, a bit of congestion), but pollen/mold count was decent (actually - scratch that -- apparently ragweed is kicking in. That makes sense).

Workout felt good -- I just tried to stay relaxed, and to REALLY avoid blasting. After the last 1200, I got a side stitch, and had to take a break until it worked itself out.

Splits were 4:46, 4:35, 4:36, 4:35, 4:33, and then 84 and 82 (coach said not to do the 400m too fast).

Afterwards, did injury prevention work at the gym, including 3x8 squats (95, 115, 125) and 2x10 good mornings (85)