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6:55 AM

25.1 km


5:02 km

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Or how to ruin a nice long run. My main concern today was the heat, it was 18°C when I set out and 25°C when I got home. I took plenty of water and decided to take some gummy bears for energy. Just before 20km I took a couple and within 60s I felt incredibly nauseous. I had some water and felt fine for 3km and then nausea returned probably worse. The heat run was actually going as expected, tough and I had to regulate my pace, especially on the climbs. It was good practise for Soweto which should be about this hot. I hope to finish around 9:10 on the day, around when I was done today. I just need to sort out my refuelling strategy ASAP and it's looking like GU gels.