Treadmill Douche-baggery? (Read 941 times)

    I implemented my indoor workout pledge early. December 15, after returning from Club Cross. So I have two and a half weeks of seniority on the resolution crowd.


    Had been good at it for 5 years while coaching high school and middle school athletes in AK, but after moving I pretty much stopped for a year. A month or two before SF I just felt a out of shape in the upper body and core, so decided to get back into the routine. Our apartment complex has a fitness center, which makes it very easy. Walking across the parking lot is convenient compared to the years of driving 9 or 10 miles at -20 to -40 at 6 AM.


    I did see an uptick in activity and weirdness following Jan 1. Was on the bench doing dumbbell extensions when a newb stumbled or something and flew off the back of the treadmill. If he'd been going 7-8 mph instead of 5 or 6, he'd have taken me out and I'd have been squashed like a 150 pound skinny fat bug.

    The other weirdness has is this heavy-set guy that works out in the dark. I usually start at at 6 AM, and twice he's been there. First time I thought I was alone for a good 10 minutes. It was dark when I got in so I found the light switch and got to work. Half way through my core routine I hear a noise and heavy-set guy walks out of the bathroom. I had no idea anyone was in there.  Middle of last week it was dark when I arrived, but heavy-set guy was on the elliptical. The light switch was right next to him, but I did not feel like engaging. (this is Colorado and people do strange things sometimes, I conformed to the morning's theme and got onto the treadmill and ran in the dark for 15 minutes until the maintenance lady came in and turned on the lights. I thanked her.


    Other than that there have been some serious-seeming women working out in the mornings. I do not say anything so as not to appear creepy, but do say hi to the maintenance lady who is in there at 6:15 every day.

      January 18th - Right on schedule - all the treadmill-DB-resolutionists have returned to sleeping in, consuming oreos for breakfast and watching bad tv.


      Dammit ppl - get off the treadmills - you're 3 weeks are up........

      Ready, go.



        Dammit ppl - get off the treadmills - you're 3 weeks are up........


        Mondays will still be busy through February.  They haven't given up trying to get back on track yet.

        Know thyself.