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    Confused It's my first half marathon this coming Sun. 1-6-08. Any advice?
      1. Have fun ! 2. Start out at a slow, comfortable pace ... you can pick it up later if you're feeling good. 3. Don't try anything new on race day (food, drink, clothes, shoes, etc.) 4. ... have fun Wink
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        Make sure to hydrate at every station. Thank the volunteers! And like trishierunner mentioned, “have fun”
          I really only have one regret from my first half mary, that was getting caught up running in a group that I knew was a little faster paced than I needed to be with. I had no doubts that I had trained well for the endurance of the race. Pushing myself into a minute faster pace than I planned for the first six miles really made me suffer for the last four or five miles. Have a game plan and stick to it, enjoy your day!
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            Don't eat McDonalds the night before Confused I actually did that (long story). Not pretty. From your log, it looks like you're in great shape for it. Pick your pace and try not to get caught up in the early excitement. Once you get to 10 and feel great, then push it if you have it.

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              Show up a little early. And what the others have said. When you arrive 9 minutes before the start - the gun may go off while you are in the porta-potty. Roll eyes

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                I agree with the hydrate well. Something I did in my last half mary that really made a difference is that I took some gel packs with me (you want to try them in training). I think I carried three and only ate one. I had done this in other races, but only carried one. That caused me to try to hoard it and I did not eat it as soon as I should have. It would have made a difference in my outcome had I known that there was plenty more if I needed them. Have fun. There is no reason to try and kill yourself on this first one. That is what the next ones are for. You are a runner right? You will be doing more of these. Enjoy this first one.
                  Bruiser, First, make sure you run this week. Obviously keep intensity down but don't over taper on your low miles. I'd personally try to get in 6-7 mile on Monday or Tuesday at slow pace and then some 3 milers, slower than your normal pace the rest of week. You should finish just fine. Use first mile as an extension of your warm up. Don't start too fast!!!! Nice to have around 300 calories of carbs about 2.5-3hrs before race to top off carb stores. 16 oz of fluid is good. Don't over hydrate. This could mean some food or if you are like me, Gatorade and gels equally 300 calories. Don't need to overdue fluids and carbs during race unless warm. Sip on Carb drinks along the way should be fine. Drink a little water after consuming the carbs if available. You will do fine!!

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                    Great thread, gang....My first half-mary is coming up on 1/13 in Phoenix (Rock n Roll Half Marathon)... My goal for 2007 was 1000K and I'm 8 miles out from that goal but this month I've been overtraining like a m***...After I finish up those last 8 tomorrow, I'm taking a couple days off to rest up, and then was thinking of a few more longer runs (8-11miles) next week then taking the 4-5 days off before the race...Thoughts? Feel free to look at my log and give me some advice! Sorry if this appears to be a thread hijack, but you just reminded me that I wanted to ask my more experienced runners for some much-needed advice... Smile
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                      Start in the middle to back of the pack if it's a big crowd. Don't get sucked into the big sprint to start. Look around during the race and enjoy the moment. DB

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                        the gun may go off while you are in the porta-potty. Roll eyes
                        Ah yes the porta-potty scramble, if it is a large race plan on taking care of business before you get to the race site. I have seen Ladies and Men both heading for the bushes because of long porta potty lines. You dont want to start a two hour adventure with regrets.
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                          Some good points here. I'll add only two things: i) don't fixate on a time goal. Aim to run comfortably the whole race. You'll enjoy this more than if you go out too fast and fade in the second part of the race, ii) if you can, try to drive the route the day before if it is unfamiliar. It's helpful to know what's up ahead and, more importantly, what's already behind you. Wink
                            Just wanted to wish you luck! Make sure to come give us a post-race report!! Smile
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                              Have fun, have fun, have fun!! Check out the pre-race expo, if they have one. Lots of stuff you don't need, but fun to cruise through. Watch what you eat the night before. Tongue Don't try anything new, use only the tried and true. Dress for the race, not the weather. Come back and give us a report!

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                                I did my first HM a couple of months ago. I found pretty hard to start slow, when I realized I was running too fast I was almost half way, and it took me 4-5 long km to compose myself and get back to my pace So, I want to stress the importance of starting slow 21 km are quite a bunch of km. Don't kill yourself, enjoy yourself !

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