3650 Miles in the Hurtlocker

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Prince of Fatness

    So...if you really want to hurt yourself...let's pick a day and say everyone who is in go time trail 1 mile.  Then we will pick an end date and see what the improvement is. 




    I may be interested in doing this, even though I am in no kind of shape.


    If I am to attempt a comeback, I am seriously considering something along the lines of your comments earlier in your post.  Focus more on speed.  I think that I at times get in the mindset that it is all about mileage (even though I know better).  Now that I am pushing 50 years old I am wondering if I should cut back on the mileage a little and focus more on speed.  I agree with you that a lot of slow miles are probably contributing to the tightness.


    So maybe instead of trying to work up to 50+ miles a week I should stick to the low 40's and do a little more speed work.  Take a recovery day every now and then and just cross train.  One benefit of trying this way is that I will know sooner what my body will put up with.


    If you start a mile TT thread count me in.



      Time trials? I like it. 



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        I guess that makes my last 9 day week = 124

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