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February Goals (Read 125 times)


    My goal is to recover from my hamstring injury and start running again.


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      I don't really put "staying injury free" as a goal because in many cases becoming injured is largely out of a person's control, and it's hard to have a goal about something that you cannot control in many situations.  Obviously no one asks to be injured or TRIES to get injured, but one does try to improve times, or run X amount of miles, and implement a specific strategy to achieve those goals.  A goal to me is something that you have the power to achieve and most times staying injury free just isn't something you have power over. Not knocking anyone who puts that as your goal, my own view of things is just to have a very concrete, definable "thing" as my goal.


      And I would say yes, they are a part of running.  I think it's safe to say everyone nurses an injury at some point, and the severity differs from person to person.  Thankfully (knock on wood) I've never had a super serious injury where I'm sidelined for months, but I've had nagging issues that haven't at all prevented me from running, but are there.  Again, probably a lot of it depends on your athletic background and overall health (not just running background) and partially how your body is built, period (which again, you have no control over).


      I agree to the most part, I put "stay healthy" as a goal for myself in February 2013 and I think I can control that to a point. I can continue to eat healthy, run smartly, and learn when to say when in regards to running miles - those tangible tasks will greatly contribute to staying healthy. Smile

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        Umm...Are injuries a part of running? I'm seeing a lot of "injury free" goals and it begs the question...


        Are injuries simply a part of running? Just a noob asking because I can accept it if it is, but I have to ask.


        I know of one person who has not suffered a running injury.  There may be others but for the most part, nearly everyone who runs has a story or two about being on the bench.


        I agree with MJ, injuries are for the most part, out of our control.  I mean sure, once it happens you do the things necessary to correct them, but you would never know what you are doing to cause them until they occur.

          • Stop whining about the weather and just run
          • Add in some consistent speed work
          • run at least 50 miles per week every week (after vacation)

          That's about it.


            1. STAY HEALTHY!!!

            2. Keep on track with my half marathon training.

            3. Start a Friday meltdown thread. Cool


            That's it for me.


            1. check

            2. check

            3. FAIL. Cry

            Do you even run?


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              A new 10K PR. Preferably under 44:00.


              Done. From 44:53 to 43:06.

              Mile 5:49 - 5K 19:58 - 10K 43:06 - HM 1:36:54


                Really only two goals for this month:


                1. Stay healthy, no ITBS issues dammit!

                2. Rock my 20k, if I can do that, should be smooth sailing for my goal at the half in March


                Gonna run as much as I can and keep trimming down, but not setting any mileage or weight goals this month.


                1. DONE!  ITBS has stayed at bay, foam roller is my new best friend. Smile

                2. DONE!  Hit my exact goal pace without killing myself, so I know I can push a lil harder for my half in a couple weeks.  Can't wait!


                I didn't set a mileage or weight goal, but both are looking decent.  Ended up with a few more rest days than I wanted, but should end up with around 190 miles, not bad for a short month.  Weight has been steady in the mid 180s, so that's good.


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                  1- have fun

                  2- no injuries

                  3- 120 miles

                  4- drop 10 lbs

                  1- yep

                  2- yep

                  3 - after tomorrows run 150 miless

                  4- yep

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                    15 miles this month....goal met! Not a huge number but the best my ITB was going to give me this month so I will take it! 12 more than last month! And only 1 URD because of the IT band


                    All I want is to run injury free. I only ran 3 miles in January.... two 1.5 mile runs that caused a lot of any improvement on that would make me so happy!

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                      1. Don't get injured.

                      2. 175Miles



                      1. Sprained my left ankle but lucky that it only knock me out for 1.5weeks.

                      2. Probably will still pass 100 with tmr run..

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                      2XU HM - 29 Mar

                        1. Continue to successfully follow my HM plan (though a few less miles than prescribed is OK)

                        2. PR a 5K Feb. 23


                        1. Success!  I think I've even caught up a bit in mileage compared to what the plan says.

                        2. Fail!  Although to be fair I ran at PR pace, the course was long.  It would have been close either way.

                          Keep on keeping on. Monday is 10 weeks to Boston.


                          Thinking of running a half next Saturday for a little fitness check.


                          1. Check

                          2. Decision was made for me...race was canceled due to weather.




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                            I don't think I posted anything in this thread, but whatever I was hoping to accomplish last month, I failed.


                              I don't think I posted anything in this thread, but whatever I was hoping to accomplish last month, I failed.


                              Sad  I hope March is a better month for you.

                              Do you even run?


                                320 miles
                                No injuries
                                Cross-training (strength +/- yoga) every other day + abs most days
                                Eat healthier


                                I should hit my goals this month.  I have a couple of runs left, which will help me clear the 320 mark.


                                Scrape: I'm sorry.  Boo.  What happened in the last week or so - is that the quad thing you mentioned on FB???  Your running had just been picking back up too prior to that.  You have way too much talent to be sidelined like this.  I'm frustrated for you - I can only imagine how you feel.