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One size fits most Mondailies! (Read 382 times)


    6 miles done. Second awesome run in a row!


      Hey y'all! 


      Still congested but I got 6 miles in today. And the husband, who is at his wits end with my incessant sniffing, brought home a Vicks vaporizer and a new decongestant to try.  He'd get rewarded with some lovins' if he weren't so OCD that I may be contagious Roll eyes



      Bless your heart.

        hi dailies:


        Almond Milk Haters - I love the stuff almost as much as soy milk.  Coconut is just ok.


        Jenven - just being warm might work.  Sometimes on really cold days I'll huddle under my blankets, fully geared up except for shoes, before going out to run.


        MtnBiker - yum!  Frank's Red Hot is mandatory though.


        Tom - glad your teams did well and that you're recovered from the epic carousing


        Misty - tell him to put on a dust mask full of vicks or something Joking


        4.3 recovery miles instead of rest, because of boredom and winter.  7:53 pace.


          HA! I actually love almond milk, just not in my coffee. But coconut milk? Excellent in coffee.

          Started C25K on 9/6/12. First 5K set for 1/13/13.


            Misty: He's a keeper!  I love your reward system.  I use the same one in my house Big grin


            8 recovery miles done at 9:35 pace + yoga + core today.

              Had to return a video game tonight so I used that as a reason to go for a 2+ mile run tonight.Smile


              Fear is a Liar

                Hey LenardE - glad to see you here!

                I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!

                  Abs are done. Meh. I almost skipped it, thinking I'd double ab work tomorrow.

                    1 mile on the TM to keep the streak alive, on a full stomach no less.. I will never do that again lol


                      5.5 miles today.  It's so weird how sometimes something is easy and other times it's hard.  I'm just learning that! 


                      So today it was 70 degrees, very humid, I ran at the end of the day and was tired = sort of yucky run.  Not awful, but the kind where you keep pushing and get it done.


                      Saturday it was 58 and perfect, I was well rested, and I ran around beautiful lakes = amazing run! 


                      I just didn't realize all this affects your pace and experience so much!!!  Sat. pace = 11:43 for 5 miles and finished the last 3 at 12:35 mm.  Today, I was tired doing 5 at 13:28. 


                      I'm realizing you just keep on plugging alone!