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    Mornin' everyone!


    Slo, congrats on earning some good OT. Good luck with your health plan selection.


    Tramps, have you learning anything more about your race tomorrow through the national military park? Will it be open? Members of one of my groups are supposed to have a meeting with an EPA rep on Monday, and will be calling today to find out if anyone will be there.


    Marj - nice 8-miler, and a gorgeous photo! Especially at this colorful time of the year, early and late-day photos with horizontal sunlight are spectacular - great light, great shadows.


    Very nice pacing in the rain, JLynne!


    Welcome back home, Ribs, and thanks for volunteering at packet pick-up. And have fun tomorrow!


    Dave, you should know that weather forecasting is an art, not a science... Glad you got the yard work done, regardless.


    Timbo, waking fast should give you as good a workout as running. If you learn good technique, you can get up some good speed too! Oh - and what Stumpy said: Glad to see your life is as boring as ever. Wink


    DC, I think you are the only one I know who has 3 bikes, one of which has disc breaks. Sorry you lost a fender on the commuter bike.


    Busy (and long) day in the Apple yesterday, Twocat! Nice 22-miler in Central Park. Sorry to learn about your friend - nice of him to donate his artwork when he could assist in the transfer.


    Mariposai, I'm glad you got to usher in the day on your run yesterday. It's always so uplifting to see the sunrise during a workout.


    Holly, at the hour you posted, you should have started today's thread!


    I had a good, final meeting with one of my non-profits last night. It was our annual meeting and, as planned, new officers were elected and my 2-year term as pres. ended. I also resigned from the Board, so a lot of what I have been working so much on for quite some time is now on someone else's shoulders. I got a nice send-off with a framed, hand-made certificate; a gorgeous clock; and a gift certificate to our local running store (just in time for a new pair of racewalking shoes).


    I got up a little late (4:20) this morning, so I went for a short, quick 3.3 mile workout. It was a moonless morning with a few wisps of clouds in advance of the showers that are supposed to drift in later this evening.


    Looks like we have folks racing 5Ks to 100K this weekend. I wish everyone IRC with tailwinds, and big smiles at the finish.



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      May as well post now and shut the thread down early today.


      The rain finally did arrive sometime in the middle of the night.  I heard the thunder but I was too lazy to look at the clock and see what time it was.  I ran another easy 3 miles today.  Just enough to keep me loose until I figure out what I want to do.

      And so it goes

        Nope, Dave let me do that for you---usually a thread ender I am.


        Ran 5.6 mellow miles with some of my teammates at 5:30 am---headlamps and bike path run---all five of us with headlamps and at our different heights, the patterns and shadows along the way were funny. Did some double running yesterday (a.m. easy run and p.m.4x 1 mile intervals on a xc course in my new groovy spikes!) so my legs were tired but not horribly so.


        Thanks for the start Jay and gorgeous shed by the way.


        Happy weekend all

          May as well post now and shut the thread down early today.


          Big grin I'll save you, Dave


          3 miles must be the magic number today. We had the same storms here that Dave had pass through his neck of the woods, so I did 3 miles on the elliptical and 3 miles on the bike, and 30 minutes of weights and core work.


          We're driving to Milwaukee today to see the Moody Blues in concert at the Riverside Theater tonight. Anyone remember those guys? They're being backed up by the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra so it should be a great concert. And these old musicians that don't retire? They start their concerts a lot earlier than they used to Smile


          Good luck to all the racers this weekend!

          King of PhotoShop

            Wasn't going to post, as Dave pretty much ruined it for all of us, but my RP and I jogged a lap and walked a lap at the park. She's doing a 15K around White Rock Lake tomorrow, while I slog around in the rain and mud with Liz, the Hottie from Hot Springs.  I'm picking her up at her hotel at 5 a.m. Wonder how she likes that idea.  It's supposed to start raining tonight at 3 a.m. and stop by noon (about the time I expect to finish!)  I don't look forward to running trails in the mud.  Spareribs

              deez, I'm glad to hear there is some progress with your son and nephew.  My thoughts are with all of you hoping for much more improvement. bike, it's good to hear from you.  Dave, good luck in overcoming your "slump".


              Nice long runs for Tramps, CNY, and Twocat.


              Last night, I did a local 5K race.  I saw a lot of my friends and enjoyed the evening.  The temperature was in the high 70s and there was a little wind.  My Garmin gave me a time of 29:18, distance of 3.22 miles, and a pace of 9:05.  I'd checked my watch at one mile and two miles and was surprised to see the time on the clock as I approached the finish.  After my GPS showed the course was long, I realized that, when I passed the 5K mark, my time was probably about a minute less than the official time.  I ended up 43/72 OA and 3/3 in my AG (60+).


              In a few minutes, I'll be leaving to visit my mother in Ludington.  My son is showing up with his wife and baby.  He wants to introduce his son to his great grandma.  It's questionable whether my mother will know who my son is.  It's also likely she won't really understand the connection to the new baby.  It's almost guaranteed she won't remember it all tomorrow.  However, she's always loved babies and will be excited and happy to be around one while it's happening.  We will take comfort in knowing she met her great grandson and was thrilled to be with him.


              A good day and good runs for all.



                I hope your visit with your mom is nice, tom. I remember when my g'pa had advanced alzheimers, I know he didn't always remember who I was, nor would he remember that I was there the next day, but at the moment I knew he enjoyed having some company, so it was all about just living in the moment.


                running a 5K tomorrow with David. well, not WITH him, he'll be far ahead of me, but I will see him on the turnaround. should be clear and dry, but very cold. Our nights have been near freezing temps. but I'll take cold and dry over Ribs' wet and muddy anyday.


                  Jlynne the Moody Blues are still alive!?  One of the greatest songs of all time, in my humble opinion, was their "Nights in White Satin."


                  Mariposai looking at your avatar I think that should be "Undead is good!" rather than life.


                  divechief Good luck with your training.  It is appalling how poorly designed bodies are! We train and train and train.  Get in shape.  Then a few weeks off and boom you have to start from scratch!  It just does not seem fair.


                  After yesterday there is no running for me today.  What I really wish is that there was more sleeping.  I am so wiped out.  I got home late and my body decided it was time to get up at 6am anyway.  Ugh!  Tomorrow is another no run day since Sunday is one of my favorite races the Ridgefield Half Marathon.  Plus, it is my big test to see if I can make it to a November 10 marathon or if I should give it to early December.

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                    Good luck and fleet feet to the weekend racers!


                    Tselbs - have a good trip to visit your mom.  Even if she doesn't remember the day with your grandson, you will, so enjoy it!


                    Dave, good luck at your review today!  Need any "attaboys" from virtual running friends to show your boss?   I've been at my current job for over 5 years, and have never had a review.  I've never had a raise, either, but we've gotten generous bonuses every year so far.  This year isn't looking so good, though, but at least I still have a job for now.


                    Heh - here's another race photo with both feet off the ground!  Smile


                    I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                      Tom, I hope she enjoys seeing the baby.

                      I always thought I killed threads.


                      Re Door#3 - first the interrogation from my coworkers when I got back from lunch, now you guys!!  It was funny, my coworkers did go to the same restaurant, and the hostess took them over to the table right behind me - one of them quickly said they would prefer a booth on the other side - whew!  But I did introduce them to him on our way out.

                      So now you are all waiting for the juicy bodice ripping part of the story..... sorry to disappoint!  He is just a really really nice guy.  Nicer than me, I am sure.  I feel lucky just to have met him, regardless of whatever happens or doesn't.  But he does give great hugs!  Wink


                      Looking forward to running with Tet this weekend.  I think I am not going to race this one, I am too out of shape, and feeling a little weak-kneed lately. Smile

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                        don't shut it down now.

                        hmmmm, if enke's not gunna race, maybe if there's a chance of keepin' up to her after all, maybe I should do another 4-mile in today's sunshine. yippee..

                        Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

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                          One can never have to many bikes.


                          My current inventory consist of:


                          1999 LightSpeed Ultimate Road Bike

                          2007 Cannondale Six 13 Road Bike

                          2012 Black Moutain Cylce Cyclo Cross

                          2013 Surly Cross Check Single Speed Cyclo Cross

                          2011 Surly Karate Monkey Single Speed Rigid 29'r

                          2011 Surly Pugsly Fat Bike

                          2009 GT Avalache 26inch Front Suspension Mountain Bike

                          2007 GT ZUM 26 inch Front Suspension Mountain Bike Primarily used for a curb hopper in town


                          2006 Schwinn Fastback comp, Road Bike, Frame only, not built up.


                          DS has my 1981 Fuji Road Bike at college. A classic 7 speed downtube shifter.


                          Then there a DW's Raliegh and DD's Trek.


                          I'm an equal opportunity employeer...They all get ridden fairly regulary. When asked which is my favorite my answer is usually the one I'm currently riding.


                          Though DW would disagree, I do not have a fortune wrapped up in these bikes. I've gotten good deals on frames and parts and I generally build these bikes from parts.

                            Another great shot of wildchild! I just love how this girl oozes with joy while running!

                            Mighty happy to read that divechief may join the Easy Pacer and I for our annual Rotary Wine and Cheese gala. It sure was fun to have him with us two years ago.

                            Slo, that is a huge inventory Smile

                            Tselbs, good job on your race last night.

                            Twocat, running around Central Park must have been exhilarating! Good luck on your HM on Sunday.


                            Speaking of race, no running for me since I am planning to run the Autumn Leaf run tomorrow. The weather should be perfect!


                            The Easy Pacer and I have are having pizza and movie night with a couple friend of ours. Have you seeing any good movie lately? Any recommendations?

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                              Doggone, Carolyn!  Both feet of the ground, smiling big - - take the best racing pics ~


                              I agree with Timbo that walking fast can be as hard as running.  I keep working on my techniques, Jay, but I always end up thinking, "How the heck does he do this for so many miles???"


                              I haven't had a review in, well - - I don't think I've ever had a review at a job.  But I hear they do them at my new position.  . . . . ick . . . .


                              Enke - Make sure you swoon toward Door #3, not away from him.  Then when he catches you, you can look up at him, bat your pretty little eyes, and thank him in a nice southern drawl ala Scarlett O'Hara.  Wink


                              Got about 2.5 miles into my EZ 3 last night when I saw a guy walk away from a dog tied to a fence around a small horse pasture.  As I got closer to the guy and realized he was leaving the dog, I asked him if the dog was his.  He was an older Hispanic gentleman who had a little trouble with English.  He said no, he'd found the dog running in the road and tied him up so he wouldn't get hit.   . . . . . okay . . . .


                              Me: "Did you call anybody?"

                              Him:  "No."

                              Me: Thinking "So you've tied up the dog and planned to just leave him there???"

                              Him: reaching into this jacket pocket "You want to call someone?" and hands me his cell phone.


                              So I called animal control, who said they'd send someone.  Told them I'd wait until the person arrived and, of course, they couldn't promise when someone would get there.  So me and this poor scared dog - who was an absolute sweetheart - are standing on the side of the road watching car after car go by.  The wind's blowing, it's cooling down, and I'm starting to freeze my toockus.  I just kept praying, "Lord, someone along who knows this dog or send the owner.  PLEASE.  'Cause I'm freezing!!"


                              I stood there for probably 45 min trying to keep the poor pup calm.  Finally, a young woman from across the street walks up and asks me what's going on.  "I saw you when I got home and realized something was wrong since you're still standing here."  Told her the story, and she said she'd take the dog and watch for animal control.  Right about that same time, a young couple pulled up.  They'd driven by and seen me standing there and decided something was wrong, so came back.  We ended up having to cut the nylon rope that the dog was tied to the fence with, and the guy had a pocket knife.  Thank you!


                              Walked with the young woman to her house and got her phone number as I was going to try a couple of places down the road (the direction I had to go to get home).  No luck.  Called her when I got home, and animal control had just showed up and were trying to talk her into keeping the dog for the night.


                              Don't know how it all ended, but prayers were answered, and the pup ended up at the house of a very nice woman.  Hopefully, the owners will be more responsible once they get him back (no tags), but doubtful.  Folks I talked to said there are 3 or 4 dogs always running loose in that area.  Too bad.  Needless to say, because it was so cold, my last .50 were a bit sproinkier than the first 2.5.


                              So my dog rescue count is up to 4 or 5.  Goat rescue - 1.  Worm and caterpillar rescues - multiple.


                              Heading over to Weaverville after work for the Weaver Basin 50k tomorrow.  I'm feeling slightly off, so hoping whatever it is stays away until after tomorrow's race.

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                                I've always loved grapes, and now I feel even better about them!


                                Disease Protecting Resveratrol

                                Grapes contain a substance called resveratrol, which is a natural compound that protects the fruit from environmental stress, fungal infections and ultraviolet radiation. Resveratrol also works to protect human health. As an antioxidant, it may protect your cells from free-radical damage and lower your risk of heart disease by preventing blood clots and reducing inflammation. The resveratrol in green seedless grapes may also prevent the growth of cancer cells.

                                Healthy Carb Choice

                                Carbohydrates are an important part of your diet. In fact, nutritionists recommend that 45 to 60 percent of your calories come from carbohydrates. But most of these carbohydrates should come from healthy sources that provide fiber and essential vitamins and minerals in addition to the carbs. Green grapes fit the bill as a healthy carbohydrate. A 1-cup serving contains 27 grams of healthy carbs and 1.4 grams of fiber.

                                Electrolyte Replenisher

                                Green grapes also supply a healthy dose of important minerals, also known as electrolytes. This mineral combo is responsible for maintaining fluid balance and the proper acidity of your blood; electrolytes are also important for muscle function. Eating green grapes is a good way to replenish electrolytes after strenuous workouts. A 1-cup serving of green grapes contains 15 milligrams of calcium, 11 milligrams of magnesium, 288 milligrams of potassium and 30 milligrams of phosphorus.

                                Good Source of Essential Vitamins

                                Green seedless grapes can help you meet your vitamins A, C and K needs. One cup of grapes provides 100 international units of vitamin A, 4.8 milligrams of vitamin C and 22 micrograms of vitamin K. Vitamin A helps your body fight off infection by boosting your immune system. Vitamin C is important for healthy gums and muscles and also helps wounds to heal. And finally, vitamin K is essential for blood clotting.

                                Read more:

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