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Fri Jan 04 Daily Runs (Read 765 times)

The Jogger

    Morning Gang Well the nights are finished, the cold has nearly left my body and chest and I'm starting to feel more like normal again. So of I went on my first run this year. I did a 4 miler with woody, who was glad to be up and running Big grin The run felt good at easy pace although I knew I was just clearing the lurgy as I felt the effort on an easy run but felt good at the end, in fact quite fresh. 4m 44:12 @ 11:03 pace AHR 146 68% Good Runs All Roy
      Good to read a post from you Roy. Did you get your floor done???? While we were in the CR/active debacle, DW was in an accident. She was just a few bruises but alright. The van had seen better days. DW's week old car needs to go to the shop. Thank goodness it's next to the unemployment office and the gym.


      The Jogger

        Steve, hope your DW is ok, the floor, probably feb project...... Still got your instructions on it, Thanks Roy

          Morning Boomers, Late post, 5 miles last night up a big hill and back. {{{SteveP's DW}}} Good runs everyone!

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            The accident was while CR was down. A few weeks ago. She was bruised but is fine now. Thanks


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              Good Morning! Roy – glad you’re feeling better. Erika – I’m so glad you found Cheyenne. I’m especially glad you got a treadmill – no one deserves it more (except maybe Tall, with his foot of snow every weekend). That kind of speedplay is what makes the treadmill time go by for me too. Soundrunner – awesome picture, tough girrrl! Jlynne – I have that same height-challenged problem – I’m even a couple inches shorter than you. I put on weight and start looking like an Oompa-Loompa. Big grin CNYrunner – why didn’t you SAY something? You could have come in for a quick hot cocoa before heading off. That’s a standing offer. Mi casa es tu casa. Smile No run for me today – light x-training instead: upright rows, butterflies, incline dumbbell presses, push-ups, weighted squats, dead lifts, weighted duck squats, 12-minute ab workout video (what kind of sadist thought up plank-jacks?). Happy Friday!

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                6.31 miles in a chilling windy, cold rain. It naturally was dry when I started but then rained on and off from about mile 1.5 to the end. An easy-paced 8:55 min/mile. Avg. HR 141. I took an extra long shower to warm up the cold body. Brrrrrr, Bill

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                  Morning, All! Roy - Good to see you at the top of the list. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Erika - I am so relieved to hear the Cheyenne has returned. You must feel great. Congrats on the treadmill as well. SteveP - glad to hear that your wife's injuries weren't serious. It was 3.9 degrees when I retired last night, but the wind had finally died. A whole 6 degrees this morning, but, again, no wind, so it was tolerable. A "heat wave" is coming our way - 40's this weekend and 50's next week - yahoo! I'm hoping to do a long run on the trail this weekend - if it isn't a sloppy, muddy mess from the thaw. 6.4 miles on the treadmill this morning. Looks like Britney is in the news again - that's the only thing I remember from the news this morning - that and the Iowa caucus results. I think I was zoning out during the entire run. Good luck to any weekend racers! Good runs and a good weekend to all!

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                    7 miles on the TM this morning after work. 2.5- miles easy pace,6.5, then 2.65 of hill repeats starting at 1% and going up to 13% at 7MPH. 2miles of flat intervals,top speed of 10.5 for .25 mile then cool down for 7 miles total. Going to gym to lift now, then home to bed.

                    Mr. Chip & Mizz Rizzo

                      Just popping in to say HI to everyone!! I'm going to get back out for a run tomorrow as it is suppose to warm up a bit. No sense challenging my health with the artic air of the past few days. My crosstraining has been playing Wii - I'm a total addict!! Also wanted to thank you all for your comments on my New Year's Day race. SteveP - glad that your wife is okay and I love your upbeat attitude. Nice run with Woody Roy!! Erika got a treadmill!? WooHoo!!! Poor Bill - little chilly down there these days isn't it?? Good luck this weekend racers!! ~Mary


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                      Back on Stride

                        Roy, it's always a good day when you start us off. Erika, I'm also glad to hear you found Cheyenne. We could all tell how worried you were. Steve, how did your whole job interview thing go? We all got a bit lost in the forum shift. Well, I ran 4.6 miles more than Holly did Big grin, at a pretty brisk pace for the 18-degree weather. Can you believe I was actually overdressed for it? But better toasty than frosty in these conditions. And can anyone tell if it's actually getting lighter in the morning yet? At least the snow brightens it up considerably. We're supposed to hit 40s or 50s this weekend, so I'll get out for at least one good run. But I think I'll stay off the trails -- I tend to forget what a mess they are with the snow melting and rain is predicted too the next few days. Have good runs today, everyone, and a good weekend too!

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                          Happy Friday Boomers. A quick 3.5 miles on the treadmill followed with leg work and crunchies. Some really good articles in Runner's World magazine this month (February) about core exercises and running in the cold. From reading the threads in RA, it sounds like everyone is doing the right stuff. Tomorrow is long run day and the cold weather is supposed to break - looking forward to running outside instead of on the dreadmill. Roy - glad you're feeling better. I'll bet your first run felt great. Steve, sorry to hear about DW's accident, and relieved to know she wasn't seriously hurt. Holly, made it through the day without dipping into the bowl of M&M's. Life is good - enjoy your runs, everyone.

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                            TGIF.. This 3 day week sure seems Looong! Brr was it cold.... how cold was it? It was so cold I had ice chunks on my glasses: 14Freak'n degrees Took Tory for 2.2 mi @ 9:00 pace then dropped him off and went for 6 miles at 8:01 pace. Wore pants, tights, tee, long sleeve tee, glove liners, gloves, hat (of course shoes and socks too). Not too warm for sure. Couldn't talk after with numb face. Totally enjoyed the run! Steve total 8.2 mi 1:07:50 (8:15 pace AHR 160)

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                              0530 19 F 3 miles of running. There were three girls and three boys. Hiya Roy Glad you're feeling better. Nice 5 miles BAP. Hi SueT I must've been watching the same channel as I got ready for work. On to New Hampshire and Britney's sister? Hey SteveP Glad DW is recovering all right. What kind of car did she get? Hopeful Mary We got DDR2, it is very fun. But, we also got Flash Focus and I got a pink Nintendo DS. Last night, I did my "eye check" and my score was better than the kids' scores! My eye score was 29 years old No fibbing, I ran today and it was cold.
                                ...Couldn't talk after with numb face...
                                Thanks for the photodocumentation. To help with the numb face, try growing a beard and moustache. Generally, the ice on facial hair will be slightly away from the skin and thus offer even better insulation. I love those runs where I pull off those the ice chunks afterwards. You are going to be ready for anything Boston throws your way.